Studio for Extensive Aesthetics

The Studio for Extensive Aesthetics (SEA) investigates the roles of art and technology in contemporary society. Transdisciplinary in nature, the SEA fuses artistic modes of production with code and experimental design to create installations, books and platforms that explore themes from the aesthetics and politics of artificial neural networks to feminist media theory. The studio connects student and faculty researchers with international theorists and practitioners through projects ranging from screen-based work to urban-scale installations. Founded in 2014 and funded by the Canada Foundation for Innovation, the SEA is directed by Amber Frid-Jimenez, Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Art and Design Technology at Emily Carr University of Art & Design.

Current and Former Research Associates
T’ai Smith (UBC), Ute Meta Bauer, Kathy Slade (SFU), Bonny Ibhawoh (McMaster), Joe Dahmen (UBC), Mel Chin, Ben Dalton (RCA), Archon Fung (Harvard), Mark Warren (UBC), Lucy Orta (UAL), David Ascher, Dethe Elza, Tim Waters, Katherine Gillieson (ECU)

Student & Post-Graduate Research Assistants
Matthis Grunsky (MFA 2016), Jesi Carson (MDes 2018), Azlen Elza (BFA 2022), Lianne Zannier (MFA 2016), Joe O’Brien (MFA 2016), Bronwyn McMillin (MFA 2016), Lily Mead Martin (MFA 2016), Kushal Goenka (BDes 2017), Sabrina Ng (BDes 2014), Stephan Garneau (BDes 2015), Adam Cristobal (MDes 2014), Sam Jiang (BDes 2013), Heather Tsang (BDes 2013), Joakim Sundal (BDes 2013), Andrea Del Rio

Canada Research Chair Program, Canada Foundation for Innovation, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, The Jarislowsky Foundation, Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies, UBC SEEDS Sustainability Program