La Lucha Sin Fin: On Charismatics and Its Persuasive Technologies (2013)

La Lucha Sin Fin: On Charisma and Its Persuasive Technologies investigates the aesthetics of charisma and its persuasive technologies. From the megaphone, to the telephone, to television, to the web, virtually every technological advance has altered the mode of transmission for persuasion. The book explores the changing role of charisma as it is decoupled from physical presence and finds its way into the mediated channels of the internet.

The book includes an eclectic set of narratives and artworks produced from case studies of the Anonymous movement to studies on phonology to revolutionary movements in Latin America.

Contributors include the Costa Rican Ambassador to the US Muni Figueres, Mladen Dolar, Gabriella Coleman, Robert Kleyn, Daniel Lundqvist, Joshua Dubler, Constantino Urcuyo, Ben Dalton, and Dubravka Sekulic.