OPENSTUDIO (2005-2009)

OPENSTUDIO is an experiment in creativity, collaboration and capitalism that explores new economic models for the creation and exchange of digital media. The project couples a simple drawing tool with an economy composed of artists, curators, dealers and viewers. Members create drawings online and save them in individual galleries hosted on a central server, buying and selling the pieces using virtual currency.

With 1,656 members and 11,996 unique drawings, the OPENSTUDIO community interacts through the exchange of the drawings that members create in the system. When a participant buys a drawing, the buyer is encouraged to build on it, creating a new piece whose connection to the original is visible through a transparent authorship system. The transparent authorship creates an open environment of collaboration where all contributing parties can witness the artistic transformation of the piece. By formalizing the act of appropriation inherent in digital works of art, OPENSTUDIO legitimizes derivation and appropriation, an essential component of creative production in networked online communities.

The openness of OPENSTUDIO encourages collaboration and play among its international membership. Its flexibility invites members to act in unforeseen ways. In addition to making the drawings using the Draw tool, members use the system to create advertisements, write contracts, and communicate intimate messages through publicly visible drawings, contributing to the collective expression of the community.

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